MAC Lip Product Haul + Review

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I've been on a bit of a spending spree lately and after my first purchase, I've become quite addicted to MAC lipsticks. I've always read about them being beauty bloggers 'holy grail' lipsticks and they're quickly becoming mine. Also, their vanilla scent is to die for! I've picked them up in five shades along with a few other MAC lip products.

The first shade I got was Snob. It's a baby pink color that manages to be light and bold at the same time. It has a satin finish so it's not quite shiny but not completely matte either. It's a really good balance between the two. What I think I like the most about MAC lipsticks is that they feel very moisturizing; they don't dry up after sitting on your lips for a while. They are also the most long lasting lipsticks I've ever worn. I like Snob; I think it's a good spring and summer shade. It even works well in winter. It's probably the definition of Barbie pink and that is alright with me.

MAC Snob

MAC Snob Swatch

I bought this next product with the intention of pairing it with Snob when I want a glossier finish: the MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Infinitely Likeable. This lipgloss is pretty much the exact same color as Snob and looks beautiful layered thinly over top of it. The sales lady who convinced me to buy it really did me a favor. It's just such a beautiful combination. The only complaint I have about this lipgloss is that it's a little bit sticky. Just enough that it's a tad annoying. But it looks so pretty I'm willing to look past its flaws.
MAC Infinitely Likeable

MAC Infinitely Likeable with MAC Snob

Side by Side Comparison

The next shade I got is one absolutely perfect for spring: Ravishing. It is the perfect shade of peach for my skin tone. A lot of the time peach shades that are too orange wash me out but Ravishing is orange with just the right amount of pink to make it an absolutely beautiful spring and summery peach. This lipstick has a gorgeous creme sheen finish that makes it really shiny and moisturizing. It's such a happy color and I am completely in love with it.

MAC Ravishing

MAC Ravishing Swatch

And again, I left with a matching lipgloss. The Pro Longwear Lipglass in Persistent Peach. This looks just as beautiful combined as Infinitely Likeable does with Snob. However, as beautiful as these lipglosses look paired with the lipsticks, they look great on their own for a subtler effect.

MAC Persistent Peach

MAC Persistent Peach with MAC Ravishing

Side by Side Comparison

The next shade I bought is Craving. I have a weakness for pink lipsticks and, as much as I love Snob, it's too bold for me to wear with an everyday look. This one is a very pinky nude while still being very vibrant. It's such a pretty shade and is great for everyday looks. It's an amplified creme sheen finish that goes on so smoothly it's just about to die for.

MAC Craving

MAC Craving Swatch

I've been mildly obsessed (ok, crazily obsessed) with spring colors this year and peach, mint, and berry have been like my holy trinity. I already bought a gorgeous peach shade (Ravishing) and next on my list was the perfect berry (I think mint colored lipstick would look a little strange, don't you?). I found that in Rebel. This is one of MAC's more popular shades and I immediately understood why. I think this color could actually work all year round. It's definitely great for fall but I'm going to make it work in spring. It's such a happy color: definitely a berry shade but more purple than red or pink. It's a satin finish just like Snob. I think it's going to look so pretty with the peach shades of spring!

MAC Rebel

MAC Rebel Swatch

I have been searching for a really deep, vampy red color for a really long time. Every one I've found in the past has had a lot of purple undertones and I wanted one that was pure red. I found the exact shade I wanted in MAC's Diva. This color is so dramatic and sexy and I am completely in love with it. It's a matte finish and I think that adds so much to the drama of it. I was really worried when I bought it that it would be too dry on my lips and be annoying to wear but it still feels very moisturizing when it's on, especially for a matte finish. It will look so great on a night out. I'm sure I could even figure out how to work it into an everyday look. I've been looking for a shade like this for so long and I am ecstatic that I finally found it. Because Diva is such a dark shade I knew it would definitely require a lip liner to prevent any feathering. After some research I decided the MAC Lip Pencil in Burgundy would be the best fit. The lip pencil is a just a little bit darker than Diva but they look so beautiful together. Burgundy goes on very matte and once Diva is applied over it they just look so incredibly sexy.

MAC Burgundy Lip Pencil

MAC Diva with MAC Burgundy Lip Pencil

Side by Side Comparison

I think what I love most about MAC lipsticks is their staying power. They are so long lasting and that is a great quality to have in a lipstick. They're also crazily pigmented which makes them really bold and who doesn't love a bold lip? I'm so excited for the spring and summer season so I can rock these gorgeous colors! What's your favorite shade of MAC lipstick?

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