Ok, so, I'm a Shoe Hoarder...

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I've always been afraid to sit down and actually go through my shoes to see how many pairs I own. That would be admitting I have a problem. However, I'm living in a college dorm room and the amount of shoes I can fit in my tiny closet is limited… or so I thought. Somehow I managed to fit 31 pairs of shoes in that three foot hole in the wall. I invested in a four tier shoe rack and they're still kind of spilling out and sometimes I trip over them but it works. So, in the interest of admitting to my problem and sharing my glorious collection with the world, I sat down and photographed every single pair. I tried to remember where they were all from but I've collected these over a span of at least three years. Also, keep in mind: this is just what I have with me at school. There are more in my closet at home. Enjoy! 

Boots & Booties

Over-the-Knee Dark Brown Boots purchased from ModCloth

Knee High Brown Boots purchased from Bakers.

Over-the-Knee Black Boots purchased from ShoeDazzle

Coach Tristee Rainboots purchased from Macy's $128

Medium Brown Braided Boots purchased from Urban Outfitters

Minnetonka Moccasin 3 Tier Fringe Brown Boots purchased at a local family owned store. These boots are available here.

Steven Madden Troopa in brown available here.

Steve Madden Troopa in black available here.

Brown Heeled Boots purchased from ModCloth.

Black Buckle Boots purchased from Mandee.

ALDO Salazie available here.

Black Platform Lace-Up Booties available here.

Black Stacked Heel Booties purchased from Forever21.

Black Zipper Booties purchased from Forever21.

Taupe Lace-Up Wedges purchased from Marshalls. 

Black Sneaker Wedges purchased from Charlottle Russe.

Brown Ankle Booties purchased from Bakers. 


Black Patent Leather Pumps purchased from Mandee.

Nude Suede Pumps purchased from Forever21.

Mint Mary Janes purchased from ModCloth.

Steve Madden Wedges purchased from Lord & Taylor.

Flats & Sneakers

Brown Cut Out Oxfords purchased from Shii.

Studded Loafers purchased from ALDO.

Lucky Brand Nude Flats purchased from Macy's $60.

Lucky Brand Tribal Flats purchased from Lord & Taylor $60.

Nude Canvas Flats purchased from Kohl's.

Black Ankle Lace Flats purchased from Urban Outfitters.

Light Blue Kitten Loafers purchased from ModCloth.

Gray Floral Flats purchases from Francesca's Boutique. 

Very worn out Keds purchased from Shii. 

And, of course, Nike's (for those rare days I work out) purchased from JCPenny. 

So, that's all of them. It didn't look like this much when it was all in my closet… oh well. Hope you enjoyed!

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