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Hey everyone! It's that time of year again; pumpkin picking, hot apple cider, and chilly nights curled up on the couch watching really bad horror movies (am I the only one that does that?). This is my favorite time of year because of all of the beautiful warm toned colors and the Lorac Pro 2 palette is full of so many lovely options. As I began my makeup this morning while dancing to T-Swifts new album (it's amazing) I decided I wanted to do a tutorial with this look. Here we go! All the products I used are linked at the end of this post!

After I've primed my eyelids I take the shade Rosé and apply it all over my lid. I am absolutely in love with this shade. Pictures actually don't do any of these shades justice. This one is a shimmery shade that compliments the green in my eyes perfectly. 

Next, I take the shade Jade and apply it to the outer v and work it into the crease with a fluffy brush. Green is a really popular eyeshadow color this season and Jade is gorgeous. It is a lot darker on the skin than it looks in the palette but it still works really well to enhance eye color and it compliments Rosé very nicely. After I've applied Jade I go in with a different fluffy brush and blend Jade and Rosé with Lt. Brown. This is a matte shade and it adds a little more dimension in the crease. It also helps feather out the edges of Jade at the brow bone so it isn't a harsh line. Lastly, I take the shimmery shade Mocha with the same fluffy brush and dust it into the crease to give just a little more dimension and make the transition from Rosé to Jade effortless. 

Next, with a small angled brush, I take Rosé and line my bottom lash line from the inner corner to the center. Then, with the same brush, I line my bottom lash line with Jade and blend it in the center with Rosé. I also drag Jade up to meet the dark color in the outer v. Then I take the shade Buff and put a little on my inner corner and brow bone to highlight. 

I think this picture is so weird but it is the only way I can show the next step: tight lining. So for this step, I take my favorite pencil liner and line my top water line. This helps fill in all the gaps in your lashes so everything is seamless when you line the top lid and apply mascara. It also makes your lashes look fuller. I always do this step whether I'm wearing liquid liner or not. 

Now lining the top lid it a two step process. I like to use a layering technique. First, I take the same pencil liner I used to tight line and line my top lid as thin as I can and then smudge it with a q-tip. Then I go over it with a liquid liner and wing it out at the end. I like this method because it gives you the softness of a pencil liner with the intensity of a liquid liner. Finally, I apply my favorite mascara and I'm done!

The finished look:

All Products Used

Hope you enjoyed!

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