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Hi guys! So LUSH's Holiday collection launched this month and I am completely in love. It includes Halloween and Christmas products and all of it is incredibly adorable. I could probably ramble on about them forever… but I won't subject you to that. So without further adieu, here are all of the products in the LUSH 2014 Holiday Collection! I also linked all of the products underneath their image so if you see something you need to order right then and there just click on the name under the picture!

My Store's Halloween Display! (We're almost sold out of everything!)

I'm really upset this one came out blurry. Sorry, guys :(

Not Pictured:


Melting Snowman Bath Melt (my favorite one! He's so cute!)

So White Bath Bomb (it smells like apples!)

Rose Jam Shower Gel (my favorite scent in the entire store. I am obsessed.)

Our lovely soap display!

Snowcake Soap (my favorite!)

Not Pictured:

So that's all of the LUSH Holiday products! Stop by your nearest LUSH or go online and check them out! They're even better in person!

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