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Fashion Week, also known as Fashion's New year, was blooming with top designers and the upcoming trends for Spring and Summer 2015. In this post I will cover a number of things including my favorite shows, favorite looks, and who had the best street style.


Jeremy Scott with Miley Cyrus
Ok, so the first thing that I have been DYING to talk about was Jeremy Scott's (who is also the creative director at Moschino) collaboration with Miley Cyrus. I know everyone has their opinion of her, many of them not good, but I love her. I think she is so unique and admire that she does exactly what she wants. We've all seen these crazy craft projects she's been making from dollar store items on her Instagram. Who would have thought she would put those items to use in a fashion show?! Scott contacted Cyrus and commissioned accessories for his show. Cyrus stated that she spent over $2,000 in Wal-Mart buying supplies to make her crazy accessories. Her pieces combined with Scott's interesting aesthetic made for a very unique runway show. See the full collection here.

Marc Jacobs
I always love a good Marc Jacobs show. He always does something very visually unique to the models (like when he sent them all out with bleached eyebrows that one time) and this year was no different. Every model sported the same black bob and blunt bangs. However, the most interesting, and probably what I love the most about his show, is he sent the models down the runway with no makeup. Yes, you read that correctly. In an industry where cosmetics and looking perfect is just as, if not more, important as the clothing, Marc Jacobs sent out the models completely barefaced. The bangs from the wigs mostly covered their eyes, but still. The meaning was there. I also love the military, utilitarian vibe he has going on here. He makes it look tough but also feminine and chic. Also, Kendall Jenner walked in this show and she's perfect. See the full collection here

Oscar de la Renta
This man knows how to dress females. In every collection he designs he seems to perfectly capture the pure essence of femininity and his SS15 collection is no exception. As soon as I saw the wall of roses that served as the backdrop for his show I knew I was in love. I want to steal all of these outfits for my own closet. It was so hard to narrow my choices down to only five! See the full collection here.

Diane von Furstenberg
Von Furstenberg captured my heart immediately with her modern take on 1950s French Riviera style. All of the looks were extremely sophisticated but still managed to convey a fun and flirty feeling. I could see myself wearing these outfits as I lounged in the Côte D'Azur, sunning and indulging in the finest French cuisine (it will happen someday). I also really loved that most of the models swayed down the runway with smiles on their faces. Von Furstenberg's designs are fun and the models channeled that really well with their presentation of the clothing. See the full collection here

ALSO KENDALL!?!?!?!!!! I'm crying I love her so much.

In my opinion, this was the most boundary pushing show in terms of the clothing (presentation goes to Ralph Lauren and his 4 Dimensional runway). The first phrase that pops into my head when I see this collection is post-apocalyptic. But in a good, chic way. In some sections the clothing looks frayed and worn and in others it is perfectly polished and pristine. Sometimes these two extremes exist in the same piece but it doesn't look forced. He makes these two opposite idea mesh together effortlessly. And those thigh high lace-up sandals are badass. I also loved that the hair and makeup was kept simple so the emphasis stayed on the clothing. See the full collection here


Kendall Jenner
I've been dropping her name throughout the whole post so you had to know this was coming. Aside from walking in four major shows throughout fashion week, Kendall had impeccable style off the runway, which I think we all already knew. I told myself I was only going to pick five images but I couldn't so here are six.


Would it be Fashion Week without the CDFA recipient of the 2014 Fashion Icon Award? The answer is no. RiRi was, as usual, her badass self. No further explanation needed. 

So there you have it. That's my take on the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2014. London Fashion Week is happening right now, so expect a post about that very, very soon! I'm already freaking out about the Top Shop collection! 

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