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With school picking back up in full force I haven't had much time to make any posts (sorry!) so I've decided to combine London and Milan into one by picking two shows and one person's street style to review for each! London and Milan were both absolutely spectacular! So without further adieu, here are my favorites from London and Milan! 

Tom Ford SS15 - London
Tom Ford's spring designs bring out the edgy badass in me that I so wish I could be. This show was all about the legs and a very chic grunge/rock look. The models all had dramatic side bangs and heavy black liner to finish off the look. I desperately wish I could pull this kind of look off. They all look so fierce. To see the full show click here.

Marchesa SS15 - London
The models in Marchesa's collection, described as a "touch of hollywood," literally remind me of fairy princesses. There are flower crowns involved and bohemian goodness. I'm going to stop rambling and let the collection speak for itself. To see the full show click here.

Cara Delevingne - London
Ok, so not all of this is street style. Cara modeled in a few shows in London and I've put pictures from those in, too. But she's perfect. She's the queen. It doesn't all have to be about street style, right?

Cara arriving at Burberry Prorsum

Cara at Burberry Prorsum with Kate Moss

Cara opening for Topshop Unique

Cara in Topshop Unique

Dolce & Gabbana SS14 - Milan
Oh. My. God.The Finale. THE FINALE. I loved this show so much I think I'm going to explode. The beading and lace and embroidery was all exquisite. Kendall Jenner lead the finale and I couldn't have been happier. Dolce & Gabbana really know how to pull off and Ode to Sicily. To see the full show click here.

Moschino SS15 - Milan
I think I might be in love with Jeremy Scott for Moschino. First he works with Miley Cyrus at NYFW and now he has premiered a Barbie inspired collection. More accurately, Scott took Barbie's actual outfits and brought them to life. I grew up playing with Barbies and this make's Scott's collection just about the coolest thing ever. To see the full show click here

Milan - Street Style
Ok, so I don't have a specific person to award my favorite street style but rather a few photos taken by Dan Roberts on the streets that I absolutely love. All of these women were attending Milan Fashion Week and photographed because of their style choices. Choices I happen to agree with. 

So those are some of my favorites from London and Milan Fashion Week! Be on the lookout for my favorites from Paris Fashion Week that's going on right now! 

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