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Hello my lovelies!

While it has been a while since I got back from the most incredible city in the world, I did quite a bit of shopping there. Enough shopping to justify creating a post dedicated to everything I bought. Things in my life have finally died down with the spring semester ending and I have time to blog again. I really want to try and be better about making posts on here. I have a ton of ideas and am going to try and keep up with blogging on a weekly basis. It's a little late but this is a post I have been dying to make since March so, here you go!

Cutout Booties 
(I put hot pink inserts in them. They look terrible but my feet thank me!)

Floral Dress from Zara
(I haven't worn this since going to Versailles! I need to work it into my fall wardrobe…)

Rose Perfume (I am addicted to this stuff)

Hummingbird Print Top from Mango

Givenchy Butterfly Print Silk Scarf

Vintage Chanel CC Logo Earrings
They both had the signature plate on the back but it's too small to get a clear picture of. They're clearly legible to the naked eye reading "Chanel Made in France." Both plates actually fell off the earrings which is, unfortunately, very common with plates that have been soldered as they are so tiny. I managed to save one of the plates and, after some research on decoding the inscription and a big magnifying glass, found that my earrings are from the 2012 Summer collection. 

Givenchy Large Antigona Shopper Tote in Magnolia

Hopefully you will be seeing some of these pieces incorporated into looks for future posts! As I said before, I have a ton of ideas for things to put on here swimming through my little brain and I'm really hoping to actually post them. You will all be hearing from me very soon!

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